Top Tours To Take Advantage Of Charlotte North Carolina

Any vacation that you take is going to have tours that you can go on. It’s what makes them fun. Instead of just hanging out at your apartment that you have rented for the week, or even your hotel, you get to go outside and experience the place you are in. When people think of tours, they are often thinking about traveling through the city that they are staying in, either by foot or by car. However, Charlotte North Carolina has several tours that are little bit different, as well as the content of the tours which can be very exciting.

Segway And Bike Tours

There are quite a few bike tours that you can go on each day. However, the most popular ones are those that are done on a Segway. Although these particular standing vehicles did not take off as many people believed they would, they are used by many tour companies to provide people with the ability to go incredible distances in a short period of time. For those that are in shape, you certainly should consider going on a bicycle tour. You may get 10 or 20 miles in by the end of the day. If you want to do something that is really exciting, and potentially creepy, you can also check out the ghost and vampire tours that Charlotte is so well-known for today.

Ghost And Vampire Tours

One of the more popular ones is the Carolina History and Haunts Ghost Tour. Another one is the Charlottes Local History and Ghost Tours. These are a definite departure from the standard Charlotte North Carolina tour that is given during the day. You get to go out at night, go to some of the more purportedly haunted locations, and try your best at finding something moving around that might not be completely natural in the late evening hours.

Whether you are a person that enjoys looking for the undead or ghosts, or if you are more grounded in reality, you can definitely experience all that Charlotte has to offer by visiting this city. Most of the people at go there are simply going to have a great time just eating out, trying out the food tours, and checking out the local bars and clubs. It’s just like any other city that you have gone to with modern amenities, with just a slight twist on how much fun you can actually have on unique tours only found in Charlotte.